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FULLY synchronous Internet, most reliable in Canada. Dedicated for your business!

It it time you become serious about your Internet access. Let a dedicated fibre cable Internet service transform your business. Commercially superior Internet service at affordable prices. This service is not subjected to consumer Internet congestion. It is a private connection designed for your business!.

VOIP for your business, Hosted phone systems, affordable cloud based solutions.

We are your experts. call us today! Leave your old clunker of a phone system behind before it leaves you stranded. NO capital outlay required! 416 428 8421

Business Internet-Optical Ethernet, 150 MEG fully synchronous bandwidth for less than $500 monthly!

Stream legal music into your business, only from Mediazoic. Call today for a quote.

Affordable business VOIP and Internet from Bell? Aggressive pricing from Bell in 2016. Unbeatable overall value!

Business Internet, time to ditch your fixed wireless provider? Fully synchronous Optical Ethernet is the answer. Dedicated fiber optics cable connected directly to your router at your premises. Your business will never look back.

Fibre Optics Fully Synchronous Internet for your Business-excellent new rates, transform your business!

Hosted Phone System Specialists, DO NOT invest in a conventional phone system. Save your money. VOIP is no longer a bad word! but keep your calls off the Internet.

We sell all products and services provided by Bell. From office cabling to Microsoft Cloud services to IP phones systems to good old fashioned phones lines. 25 years Bell sales management and operations experience. We will provide solutions, pricing and take the order from you. No more calling 310 BELL!

Mediazoic is Digital Media company and enabler of brands to connect with their audience via music. Check out our stations and see how many music companies, bloggers, restaurants and other enitities are using music to connect with their patrons, fans, customers and readers! Everything is changing when it comes to connecting with your target audience and Mediazoic has the back office infrastructure and vision to help you navigate through this new world!